SEOUL DRAMA AWARDS 2010 event. CONGRATULATION for Han Hyo Joo to Receive special Prize Korean Wave in SDA(seoul drama awards) 2010

Hi guys.. long time didn’t post here.I have some news for you,a good news I mean. expecially for HHJ fans.
"Slave Hunters" top 'Hallyu' content at Seoul Drama Awards
Jessica Kim

Last year's smash hit MBC TV series "The Slave Hunters" will receive the most recognitions for its contribution to the 'Hallyu,' or Korean Wave, at this year's Seoul International Drama Awards (SDA). The Seoul Drama Awards Organizing Committee announced through a press conference on Friday that the drama itself, its producer Gwak Jeong-hwan and the show's main star Jang Hyuk played the largest role in contributing to the spread of Korean content overseas.

Lee Byung-hun, who played the main lead in last year's drama "IRIS," was also chosen for the honor while actresses Ko Hyun-jung and Han Hyo-joo will jointly be recognized for their roles in "Queen Seon-deok" and "Brilliant Legacy," respectively. Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-youn will be distinguished for their efforts as writers for "Queen Seon-deok."

The SDA, into its fifth year, established the 'Special Prizes for Korean Wave' segment for the first time this year, handing out honors in five categories including production, producer, writer, actor and actress. Among Korean dramas shown between April of last year to April this year and exported to more than ten countries, the committee drew up a short list composed of recommendations by the Corea Drama Production Association(CODA), Korean Television Actors Association, and Korean TV & Radio Writers Association.

The committee then produced its results based on a survey on close to five hundred foreign and domestic journalists, as well as foreign buyers. The awards will be handed to the respective winners at the SDA ceremony on September 10. The event will be part of eleven days of festivities which includes performances of drama soundtracks, a conference on international content and a forum on East Asian writers.

A total of 172 dramas from 43 countries submitted their entries to this year's SDA, the largest to date. Separately, a popularity vote is currently underway online in which fans can pick their favorite Asian actor and actress through the websites of Yahoo! Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan.

The winners of their respective countries will claim their prizes at the awards ceremony next month.

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Yeah..i am so happy. Those news make us happy. I’ve been pessimistic before and wish the miracle will come. And its happening !! wonderful. I proud to her, I actually really want to see HHJ win in SDA event for Best Actress, and now she’s getting for it, is not list nomines for Best Actress, But she has already got predicate “Best Actress” in SDA event so happyyyyy…very happy read and hear it.
August 24, 2010
Drama fest to offer diversityBy Han Sang-hee

The Seoul International Drama Festival, to be held from Sept. 1 to 10, will likely provide drama lovers a little bit more than just enjoying the storylines and characters. First launched in 2006, the annual event will bring various events, showcases and a red carpet event inviting some of the most promising and popular dramas from around the world. From 2006, the festival has made rapid growth in many countries and this year it is embroidered with colorful events. More than 172 works from 43 countries entered the preliminaries, exciting the event organizers and also the jury. "Due to the economic downturn, drama productions have seen a decline, but we still found some interesting works from the United States, England, Ireland and of course, Korea," said programmer Ha Jae-ho during a press conference for the event at the Seoul Press Center.

The Best Drama Awards will be the most competitive category, with 19 works vying for prizes under the short, mini-series and epic sections. Among them, the highest bets are on "NCIS season 7" from the U.S., "JIN" from Japan, "The Summit" from Canada and "The Slave Hunters" and "The Great Queen Seondeok" from Korea. Fierce competition is also expected in the individual sections, which includes Best Producer, Best Writer, Best Actor and Best Actress. Nine producers will compete for the Best Producer prize, including Nick Copus ("The Summit") from Canada, Pascal Chaumel and Anne Giafferi ("Desperate Parents") from France and Brian Kirk ("Father & Son") from Ireland.

Korean drama fans may be a bit disappointed to see that only one local actor made it to the final round of the Best Actor category. Lee Byung-hun from "IRIS" will be competing for the honor, along with fellow actors including Mark Harmon from "NCIS season 7," James Cromwell from "The Last Days of Lehman Brothers" (U.K.) and Dougray Scott from "Father & Son." The Best Actress award will be given to the winner among talented actresses from around the world, such as Adrienne Pauly from French drama "The Killer Queen," Abbey Hoes from "Maite was Here" (Netherlands) and Machiko Ono from "Goldfish" (Japan).

Despite the equal interest in television around the world, it’s inevitable to spot the differences in techniques and time put into the process in drama-making. Nevertheless, the judges agreed that those small differences make the festival even more interesting and give more meaning and reason to the event itself. "There were many interesting aspects, in terms of cinematography and topics. The most frequently dealt issues were thrillers and crime investigation, but dramas from Europe tend to deal with various issues, such as the emotions and struggles of people leading busy lives in the modern day," Yum Hyeon-seup, drama producer and one of the jury, said. "In terms of scale, Chinese works were noticeable, especially 'The Pleiades,'" he added.

The festival also added a special award dubbed "Representative of Korean Wave (hallyu)," this year, which honors a local drama, actress, actor, director and writer that introduced Korean drama content and popularity. The results for the categories were made at the press event: "The Slave Hunters" was chosen as the Representative Korean Drama along with the Best Director Kwak Hwan-jung; Chang Hyuk and Lee Byung-hun won the actors’ awards; Koh Hyun-jung and Han Hyo-joo the actress’ award and Kim Young-hyun and Park Sang-yeon won the Best Writer award for their work on "The Great Queen Seondeok.'

The final award ceremony will take place at KBS Hall, Sept. 10, and will be broadcast live on MBC. For more information, visit


I'm so tired before seen polling HHJ for categories “Best Actresses” get 2nd rank. I really want her 1th rank in those polling, and seen the gap is out of far with her competitiors MCW. But now, all sad replaced with this good news. Yeah, she deserves it..and I am curious see her style in red carpet in SDA event 2010…I hope her dress same colour with my lovely oppa lee seung gi, stand and receive thropy victory together..i wish..

Coming soon !! SDA event 2010 …
HHJ..I can’t wait so much to see you in this event..
Loved !!


  1. kya.......thank you very much....

    Hyo Joo oenni is the best...
    yeah, I'm agree with you...hope that HJ and SG wearing matching clothes...
    hopefully they will be a real you agree with me???

  2. @ hyo_shining :
    yup.Ane doain smg mreka bisa nikah beneran.suka bgt sama mrk bedua.
    Btw..hyo,ga ngenalin ane yak? hehe..kok uda jarang mampir ke lautan indonesia.sepi amat dsana..


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