write in the Week

Well .. I didn't have much time to talked about my activity or what I am doing this month. I just felt bored and tired right now waiting for certainty some information from campus. yeah, I always took the time to open Inet in my laptop and join some forum discussion. that's nice I mean .. I can't even if I didn't open Inet all day yet .. hahha .. a few weeks I'm making new posts and all quoted about health from detik health, I like so much those news, interesting, language is understood by most people, and certainly most of the latest research. This week I had to face a stressful exam. and yesterday I've finished a test and hope something better. I was quite surprised with some of my friends who expect me to be her partner at the time of the exam later .. haha, if I look very smart to rely on .. haha .. I am actually shy and just not used to all my friends so.

okay, yesterday so many visitors came here. I didn't think my post well and it made my Alexa ranking has gone up. whereas yesterday's those post I quote from detik health and I think will not attract too many readers and it turns out my thoughts wrong. well, I just wanted to say many thanks for all who have visited here. I only share information about health and some of the korean drama ..

Something new attend in my home, because at the time, fasting month ago my  Anggora cats named Lely lost ... here lely picture

I regret very much.. Lely has been with us nearly three years, and she's very big and grow with smart .. and now instead, my dad bought a new Persian cats aged three months, and they are named leo and virgo.haha .. .. they are still very small..but they're different with lely .xixix

those writing is too  random mess, haha, I was just learning to write by repeating what happened in some this weekend ..


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