BRILIANT LEGACY at YSSM with host Kang Ho Dong. Its Fun. Part 1

Akhirnya dapet juga translate englishnya. Soalnya waktu nonton di youtube serunya minta ampun ampe ngakak !! *haha..ngakak ga jelas* ga tau mereka lagi bicarain apa. Okei, langsung aja baca, cekidot ..
YaShimManMan 2 featured a Brilliant Legacy Special on August 2, and it sure was fun. The cast present for the special recording:

Lee Seung Gi (Sun Woo Hwan)
Han Hyo Joo (Go Eun Sung)
Moon Chae Won (Yoo Seung Mi)
Bae Soo Bin (Park Jun Se)
Kim Mi Sook (Baek Seung Hee)
Yoo Ji In (Oh Young Ran)
Lee Seung Hyung (Pyo Sung Chul)

Below the jump is the transcript. Due to the length of the program, the transcript will be done in parts. Please do not take this out for use in fansubs.

MC Kang HD: No matter what hardships life is dishing out to you, there’s always the brilliant and hopeful national drama “Brilliant Legacy”! The title says it all, it continued to the end with a brilliant rating! Lee Seung Gi-ssi, what’s the ratings?
Lee SG: 47.1%.
MC Kang HD: (in his Konglish-English) UNMERIEVBABLE!
[Everyone laughs. Yoo Ji In mumbles "This is crazy" in response to Kang HD's 'UNMERIEVBABLE' She calms herself.]
Yoo JI: Hello everyone. I’m Oh Young Ran. I love you all.
Kim MS: (breaks into a laugh) It’s a pleasure to meet you. Hello.
Kang HD: You’ve never been on a variety program? [Gasps and wows can be heard from the cast]
Kim MS: It looks like it will be hard carrying out a decent conversation.
Lee SH: I’m the nation’s housekeeper Lee Seung Hyung. Just call me whenever you need me, I’ll be there in a jiffy. Even if it’s to cook.
Kang HD: Next is Han Hyo Joo as Eun Sung, who has pacified all the nation’s men!
Han HJ: Hello everyone.
Kang HD: (to all) Where do you all usually bump into Hyo Joo? I assume it’s around the stations. I met her at a special place once – the billiard centre. I got a fright seeing her there. She still has time for billiards despite her busy schedule. She’s pretty good at it.

[Question for Lee Seung Gi : What did you hear from Hyo Joo?]
Lee SG: This is what I’ve heard from Han Hyo Joo-ssi. [Kang HD] was playing by himself for 3 hours with no friends to accompany him. [Comments from other guests: Hwan is definitely from Eun Sung's camp...]
Han HJ: I saw someone looking like Kang HD playing billiards. Looking at his back, the resemblance was stronger.
Yoo JI: Where’s this place? I like to drop by if I’ve the time. [Laughter..]
Kang HD: The character who’s heart is weeping – Moon Chae Won!
Moon CW: Hello.
Lee SG: You look really nervous.
Kang HD: What’s with the shudder there? OK. Let’s greet everyone.
Moon CW: (rather softly) OK. Hello. I’m Moon Chae Won. It’s a pleasure meeting you. This is also my first time on a variety program. I will do my best.[Comments: You look like you have offended someone. Relax.]
Kang HD: He has already shown off his abs…[Comments: He really doesn't have to do anything other than show of his abs]
Bae SB: Yes. I’ll work harder at being fit. This is my second time here.
Kang HD: We’re going to reveal the real Lee SG outside his 1N2D persona. We are interested to delve into his male psych. Let’s ask him some questions.
Yoo JI: Let me help reveal the mystery about him. [Laughter...]
Lee SG: That’s the kind of person [Yoo JI] is on the set. She’s in-charge of creating the vibrant mood. This is exactly the mood she creates prior to a doing a weeping scene. She does it a lot. [Laughter..]
Lee SH: Whenever I’m trying to work up my feelings for a scene, she and her daughter would be stifling a laugh. Then they will tell me: ‘you need to work harder on your acting skills’.
Kang HD: This Brilliant Legacy special is giving you a chance to be the MC by asking those burning questions.
[Narrator: In place of Kang HD, what would you like to ask our guests? We are listening to your deepest thoughts. We are now revealing it all!]
Kang HD: We received 7,727 questions. That means near to 8,000 viewers voiced their questions. Because of the time constraints, it’s impossible to answer every question, so we chose some of them and ranked it from 1 – 7. The higher the number, the more embarrassing the question. Lee SG-ssi, what type of questions do you think it is? Kim MS-ssi, have any idea? These are questions from the viewers so answer them truthfully.
Kim MS: Yes.
Han HJ: Let’s see… [Comments: She sounds uneasy. The questions are beyond our expectations.]
Kang HD: Let’s begin. No. 1…….Yoo JI and Kim MS! Compare your beauty from your youth to that of Han Hyo Joo. Who is more outstanding?[OH.NO...moans.....]
Han HJ: I don’t like such questions.
Kang HD: This is a question from 23 year-old Lee Han Na. [Answer them truthfully] Compare your beauty from your youth to that of Han Hyo Joo.
Kim MS: Solely based on looks? If it’s based on looks, then it’s Hyo Joo.
Han HJ: (embarrassed) Sonsaeng-nim….
Kim MS: (to Yoo JI, who having a hard time deciding) Answer quickly.
Han HJ: I don’t think this is an appropriate question…I…
Kang HD: You mean you’re having issues with viewer Lee Ha Na?
Han HJ: (sitting on pins and cushions) No, this is not what I mean…
Kang HD: You’re both of the same age – 23. She’s merely asking out of curiosity. [Hyo Joo] is cornered.
Yoo JI: Although I may praised me for my looks but I’ve to agree that Hyo Joo has a fresh and pure look.
Kang HD: You don’t sound sincere….
Yoo JI: No…this is the truth.
Kim MS: She’s not beautiful in a comely manner but she is easy on the eyes.[Comments: So you don't really think she's pretty...]. It’s a beauty in a healthy way.
Kang HD: Let’s all be really truthful now. It’s not everyday that you all will be here for a special recording. Yoo JI-ssi, do you think you are more beautiful than Kim MS-ssi? Likewise for Kim MS-ssi, between the two of you, who’s prettier?
Yoo JI: Of course it’s me
Kim MS : (simultaneously) Oh gosh…really…
Kang HD (to Yoo JI) So you think you’re prettier than Kim MS?
Yoo JI: But. MS is a vibrant woman, even much more than me. She brings about a good mood around her. [Comment: You can say that about her voice too]Yes….
Kang HD: (seeing Kim MS embarrassed by the praises) Do you all see her putting on an act now? She saw that the camera is on her and then she started shaking her head! Wow! She slips into acting mode easily!
Yoo JI: And she has this way of protruding her collar bone and then mutters: “It’s craziness….”. She’s so fine even when she’s tired.
Kang HD: Kim MS-ssi. What about your opinion of Yoo JI-ssi?
Kim MS: Honestly, I wouldn’t want to look like unni [Laughter and claps follow]
Kang HD: Wow! This is great!
Kim MS: You see. Unni belongs in the class of classic beauties.
Kang HD: Seung Gi-ssi. It was fun watching Ji In-ssi and Mi Sook-ssi speak the truth, isn’t it? Will the stars of today be as truthful? Let’s see.
[Seung Gi knows a tough one is coming up. He's in jitters]
Kang HD: Hyo Joo-ssi. Chae Won-ssi. When you look at your face, have you ever thought along the lines of : I’m prettier than Hyo Joo. Or I’m prettier than Chae Won.
Kim MS: Let them answer the question at the same time.
Kang HD: At the same time? Have you ever thought that ‘Han Hyo Joo is prettier than Moon Chae Won’… If you think you’re prettier, then touch your hair and say ‘I’m pretty’. Otherwise, just say ‘You are pretty.’
Han HJ: Oh my…
Moon CW: Huh..OK.
Kang HD: 1.2.3
Han HJ: You are pretty.
[Moon CW's hand is pointing to herself. She's stunned. Another chance is given. Han HJ says the same but Moon CW is still stuck at herself.]
Kang HD: She admits it!
Moon CW: I think I was too slow in showing my hand…
Kang HD: (to Han HJ) Why do you think Moon CW is prettier?
Han HJ: Can I put it in this way? I’ve a more natural look….
Kang HD: Compared to Moon CW?
Han HJ: I’m an insannyo. People have a good impression about me. I’m not the glamorous beauty. Chae Won unni is very beautiful. Look at her eyes, her nose, the shape of her face. She’s really pretty.
Kang HD: That would mean she’s not very natural?
Han HJ: Why are you so harsh? Do you have to be like that?
Kang HD: It wouldn’t be fun if I don’t talk like this.
Lee SG: That’s really truthful of you.
Kang HD: I’m only trying my best to work the mood here. I didn’t want to do this but that’s about all I’m capable of.
Lee SG: By truth, that is the ultimate truth.
Kang HD: (to Moon CW) Do you think you’re pretty?
Moon CW: In truth, I always thought that I’m not really pretty.
Kang HD: When?
Moon CW: Especially when I remove my make-up.
Kang HD: Is that the truth? The different is so vast? Oh..I’m sorry.
Lee SH: I really think that Moon CW is pretty without make-up. Let’s do a surprise check on her to reveal the truth. [Laughs...] No…no. She’s really not that different without the make-up.
Yoo JI: But everyone will look different.
Lee SH: You’re not that different either.
Kang HD: What about you Mi Sook-ssi? What’s your opinion?
Kim MS: I think I look even better without make-up. [Roars...]
Yoo JI: She’s right.
Kang HD: Wow. The exceptional entertainment value from the cast of Brilliant Legacy.
Lee SG: It’s lucky we’ve wrapped up with the filming.
Kang HD: Now on to Stage 2.
Han HJ: Are the questions pre-determined?
MC Mong: No. They were asked by the viewers so we don’t know either.
Kang HD: (goes into actor mode) Be by my side…I don’t want to be your oppa, I want to be your guy.
MC Mong: Are you dreaming or acting?
Kang HD: That’s what the script says.
[Moon CW claps spontaneously. She's asked if she's recognizing Kang HD's acting talent? She's OK with even this standard of acting? She hides her face in abject embarrassment. Cuts to drama clip...]
Kang HD: That’s the famous confession scene in the drama. Now, in reality…how many times have you confessed your love? Lee SG-ssi, Bae SB-ssi.

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