BRILIANT LEGACY at YSSM with host Kang Ho Dong. Its Fun. Part 2

YSSM with kang ho dong..
Learn more about Lee Seung Gi’s love confession and Kim Mi Sook’s real-life love story after the jump…Please do not take this out for use in fansubs.
Kang HD: How many times did you confess your love?
Lee SG: Me? Two times. I did it twice.
Kang HD: When?
Lee SG: Third year of middle school and first year of high school.
Kang HD: The truth?
Lee SG: Yes. I made the first step.
Qns: It was two different persons?
Lee SG: Yes. Who makes a love confession twice to the same person?
Qns: That’s only a year apart.
Lee SG: Yes.

Kang HD: You seem like a guy who does it seriously.
Lee SG: Huh, no. I’m the type of guy who go about it casually. If I meet someone I like, I get impatient. I don’t care for advices, I just want to make the confession. When I was in middle school, I had already knew this girl but I couldn’t say anything then. It was later when we attended tuition class together.

Qns: It happened on your way home?
Lee SG: Yes. I told her in the bus when we’re on the way home from tuition class. We happened to take the same bus and I told her, “I like you.”
Yo JI: I too, experienced such shocks often when I was in tuition class.[Laughs...]
Lee SG: I will always make the first step in expressing my fondness.
Kang HD: Then in high school?
Lee SG: High school? We were doing music together. I was preparing for my last music performance….she was a very popular girl then and I liked her very much. I did many things for her.
Qns: What did yo say to her?
Lee SG: The usual stuff…I like you. I’m not a romantic.
Kang HD: Guys do not always need to be the one making the first move, right?
Kim MS: I agree.
Kang HD: Chae Won-ssi. Any experiences?
Moon CW: Yes. Numerous.
Kang HD: OK. I know now.
Bae SB: I did it while we were having ramyeon. I did it very casually, nothing pre-planned. Just simply: “I think I like you”.
MC: The fact is, confessions are made when you still don’t have any idea about how the girl is feeling. It just jumps right out of your mouth without allowing you time to think about it. Even if you have planned what to say, you will start feeling uneasy and then you ready yourself to say it but….your mind just goes blank. So he’s really calm about it, can you imagine making a love confession when eating ramyeon?
Bae SB: I wasn’t really casual about it, I was embarrassed too. I said it with the thought of marriage on my mind so I just said, “I like you.” If you say it and the other party says, “Hey, what’s that about..” Then I will know that she’s only interested in being friends. If she remains silent then it means she is thinking along the same line.
MC: So no answer means a success.
Bae SB: Yes. Just like Eun Sung. She treats Jun Se as a brother and so she will instantly react to his confession. In honesty, I’ve been treated as a oppa on several occasions. There are times when they response, “Hey…what’s this about, Oppa?”
Lee SG: People tend to link drama scenes with a real-life love confession but imagine if you were to tell her, “Please stay by my side…” This wouldn’t work at all! There’s no prelude to it, just simply a direct ‘please stay by my side’. It definitely wouldn’t work! Those lines are logical because of the plot. In dramas, there’s beautiful music, lighting, make-up….
Kang HD: Mi Sook-ssi. Do you have a similar experience? Like when you were dating or the marriage proposal?
Kim MS: Oh husband was the one who proposed. But I initiated the proposal..[she breaks into laughter]
Kang HD: How did this happen?
MC: That’s like an invitation to a proposal.
Yoo JI: She gave him verbal hints so that he will do a good job. I can understand where she was coming from.
Kim MS: I like him very much. He’s younger than I am. So I call him ‘our family young [fellow]‘ [ that a new term?]
Yoo JI: It’s similar to saying ‘our family pride. So since her husband is younger, so he’s ‘our family young [fellow]‘
MC: What’s the age difference?
Kim MS: 5 years. He really likes me very much but saying words like ‘I like you’ or ‘I want to marry you’ is hard for him. He’s cautious even about holding hands. One autumn, we bought roasted chestnuts. And I asked ‘why aren’t you letting me have some?’ So he said, ‘OK’ and started peeling them. He held his hands out to me and I thought he was giving me some of the chestnuts but his hands were empty, then he held my hands. [She demonstrates it with Yoo JI's hand and an envious Yoo JI said, "This is torturing.."] He held on to my hands without looking at me but I felt it even without him saying anything. And he didn’t dare looked at me. I asked, “Do you like me?”, and he said ‘Yes’. Still not looking at me.
Yoo JI: are thick-skinned.
Kim MS: A couple of months later…[Comments: Wow, a couple of months later! He's really cautious!]
Kang HD: That young man at home is really amazing!
Kim MS: One winter night, I told him to return home quickly but he wanted to walk slowly instead. Looking at his side profile, I felt his reliability and had this feeling of wanting to praise him. So I asked him, “Do you want to marry me?”Yes, I said it first. The he replied, “Aren’t you being too eager?” [Everyone who was holding their breaths, burst into laughter.]
MC: Oh my…I mean…this is THE Kim Mi Sook.
Kim MS: YES! That was what I was thinking too. THE Kim Mi Sook suggested marriage and he asked if I was too eager? That was pretty disrespectful. So I replied, “Oh? Is that so?” In my opinion, a couple needs to brave certain events before they should talk about marriage. They have to be understanding and forgiving. I meant it as a joke then, actually both as a joke and seriously.
Kang HD: That’s why it was even more embarrassing.
Kim MS: I had a short moment of shock because I thought he wouldn’t reject me.
Yoo JI: Actually you weren’t young then.
Kim MS: Excuse me…..
Yoo JI: How old were you?
Kim MS: I was 39.
MC: That’s about Kang HD’s age.
Kim MS: Then about 5 months later. I remember it was in a sunny day in May. I was on a FM morning show and having just finished work at about 11 and on my way home. I was in the back seat and he called. He asked where I was and I said on my way home. Was I at the Han River? (Yes.) Can I see the river? (Yes.) Can I see the sunshine? (Yes.) Han River was really beautiful with the sunshine upon the water. Then he asked, “Will you marry me?” [Han HJ is envious. Others commented that it's a scene lacking in television dramas.] I simply answered ‘Yes’. Just like that.
MC: Was it because you were worried about trembling as you spoke, that’s why you only answered ‘yes’?
Kim MS: No. It was because I thought it was inappropriate so say more through the phone. So I just said ‘yes’ demurely.
Kang HD: But actually in your heart you were going, “YES! YES! Call! Call! The river heard that! The sun heard that! CALL! CALL!…OH MY! Kim Mi Sook is getting married, ASA!”
Kim MS: I wasn’t the driver. I was in the back seat. The moment I said yes, I felt relieved and I slumped down into the seat. It was really a feeling out of the movies.
Kang HD: Just a moment please. What does ‘slumping down into the seat’ really mean? [Kim MS demonstrates]
Kim MS: I didn’t want to think about anything. It was like I’ve just made a decision. I made a choice.
Kang HD: But wait a moment. Don’t all actresses need to hide a part of herself from the audience. Everyone has seen how Kim MS has just reacted. Wouldn’t that have an adverse effect on your image?
Kim MS: Please don’t edit this. I want my husband to watch this.
Kang HD: Then, you were at an elevated status as that of [Kim]Tae Hee, [Song]Hye Gyo and [Jeon]Ji Hyun. So what was it about that young man that had attracted you so much?
MC: In your perspective, what was attractive about him?
Kim MS: He’s good-looking. I love his voice. To sum it up, I like how he is that’s why I agreed to marrying him.
Kang HD: What actually should one look for in a guy? [Qns directed towards the sunbaes on behalf of the young actresses]
Yoo JI; It’s important he must be kind and looks kind. A kind heart is of great importance.
MC: What about Mi Sook-ssi?
Kim MS: I never thought about that but my husband is a very kind person.
Kang HD: That’s only who she can think about. That young fellow.
Good-looking. Nice Voice. Kind. Wow, why is that young fellow so nice? He’s the best in everything.
Kim MS: To Chae Won and Hyo Joo, a kind man is the basic requirement. When together, basic manners is important. If a person does not have social manners, you will naturally know it after being together for a while. That’s the same for sincerity. I’m at an age where I can easily see through a person. Kindness is a must. [Hyo joo and Chae Won] are my daughter’s age. You will know if a man is kind just by looking at his eyes. Just like Seung Gi has kind eyes. So does Soo Bin. [When asked about Kang HD, Yoo JI suggest they give the question a pass.]
Kang HD: Now on to Stage 3. It’s a question from the production crew to the cast.
MC: We have no idea about the questions. We were shocked too.
MC Mong: The first question from the staff to Bae SB. When alone in the restroom, you would give your face a beat and say, “Yes that’s it, Bae Soo Bin. You’re looking great! Do a good job! Bae Soo Bin, fighting!” A curious staff approached you but you started running. The staff followed but you just kept running. It’s too embarrassing! [The cast wonders if that's true.] There’s more. So what they want to know is: do you really think you’re good-looking? Or is there another reason? [MC Mong embarks on a Bae SB mimic show....] Keep it up! Bae Soo Bin. Have courage! You are better looking than Seung Gi! [....and Mong runs after Kang HD takes on the act of the curious staff]
Bae SB: Oh my. Who was the one who asked this?
MC: Do you remember anything?

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