BRILIANT LEGACY at YSSM with host Kang Ho Dong. Its Fun. Part 4


This is the last part of the transcript. The Q&A begins right after the showing of the NG clips. I’ve omitted a bulk of the incessant chatter by the MC, going straight to the main question. As a last time reminder, please do not take this out for use in fansubs.
The reason is: I’m nowhere fluent in the language (only a pathetic smattering of understanding) so a bulk of the transcript is translated from the work of the generous people who had done the c-subs. So please respect the hard work. Now, onto more fun.

MC: This is for Kim Mi Sook-ssi. You’ve have never been in an anti-role. Why did you accept this role now?

Kim MS: The director approached me with this drama role. He said he wanted to show that an actor who has never been in an anti-role is able to perform very well too. As for my character, the tone of my first line is very important, this is to solidify the anti-characteristics of the role. That was a scene with Eun Sung and I said “우리가 가족이니 Are we a family?” Everyone remembered the line and indeed it developed my anti-image. That line was a hard one for me. If I were to say it this way [she gave a demonstration of several different tones saying the same line] then it wouldn’t have gave birth to THIS Baek Seung Hee (her character in the drama) as it’s different to her character. But if I were to say it this way [calm and low-pitched] then it gives a completely different feel.
MC: So this was the determining line cementing your anti-image in the drama?
Kim MS: Yes…and it took off from there. Did I answer this question too seriously?
MC: No….serious is good. Variety programs have their serious moments too.
Kang HD: Yoo JI-ssi. Do you like doing anti-roles?
MC: You’ve never been in an anti-role, have you?
Yoo JI: I can’t do that. My heart was beating furiously when I had to slap Hyo Joo.
MC: What if you were in Kim MS’s position?
Yoo JI: Well, she has what it takes to do that. See, that’s what’s good about being a sunbae. I can say anything.
Kang HD: Now, on to Stage 5. I’m the only one who knows the question to 5,6,7.[He shows the next question to Kim MS] Do you think I can ask this? Will it hurt?
Kim MS: No…I think this is OK. They will answer it truthfully.
[Kang HD calls out Han HJ's name but it's only a scare]

Kang HD: This is from viewer Han Joo Hee-ssi. As compared to Han Hyo Joo, the spotlight on you is lesser. Are you jealous about it? Moon Chae Won.
Moon CW: It gave me a fright.
Kang HD: This is a little sensitive especially for actresses.
MC: Oh..even Han Hyo Joo is laughing. These questions are really something.
Lee SG: This is Stage 5. Can you imagine what’s at Stage 7? I bet someone will be backing out by then.
Moon CW: To be honest, I never thought about it in that way. I feel blessed. I watch this program often and to be here now just means the drama has done well. I just want to do a good job, except that I’ve not done too well. I know that. When I see the visitors’ count on my homepage increasing by the day, I’m happy. This is the first time I felt maybe I won’t be too much in the spotlight because of the role that I was playing.
Kang HD: How about Han HJ-ssi? Do you think you’re popular?
Han HJ: I don’t think it’s necessary to ask the question in such a way…
Moon CW: Could [the viewer] be an anti?

MC: Do you have antis?

Moon CW: Sure. Why wouldn’t I? AH. I may have seen her post. This is a ‘Brilliant Legacy Special’. Must the questions be so sensitive? Yes. In the drama Eun Sung is more well-received than I am….but then I’ve also started on another project…Han Joo Hee-ssi.
Yoo JI: Wow. She’s scarier than Baek Seng Hee. Like mother like daughter.
Kim MS: You done well, my daughter.
Moon CW: I’ll be seeing you all in a new project soon.
Kang HD: I remember Kim Hye Ja sonsaengnim saying this when asked her opinion about acting. She said ” 30% is acting, 30% is helping your partner act. The remaining 40% is waiting.”
MC Mong: I also remember Kang HD sunbae saying this when I asked “Sunbae, what’s variety programs all about?” And he said, “Think about it for yourself, kid.”
Kang HD: I said that to help you learn independence [Laughter...]
MC: (to Yoo JI and Kim MS): You both were once lead actresses but now you are playing supporting roles….
Kim MS: It reminds me that I’m no longer the old Kim Mi Sook. When I was in LA for a shoot and I walked into the set, they called out, “Mr. Director, the star [from the past] is ready now.” And I was still in the lead role then. I just sat there amd pretended not to have heard it but it kept haunting me. I was thinking about how to accept these words but then it’s also these words that humbled me. Thinking in this way calmed me. Then there was another time, when I walked out of the airport, there was this group of middle-schoolers. I knew they weren’t there for me, especially after the ‘star of the past’ statement. But they suddenly swarmed towards me and screamed, “It’s Son Ji Chang’s omma!” At that time, Son Ji Chang was acting as my youngest son [in a drama]. So I’m no longer Kim Mi Sook but ‘XXX’s omma’. It was reality then and I told myself I have to start looking for my direction.
MC: What about Yoo Ji In-ssi?
Kim MS: Unni married at the peak of her popularity and made a comeback 15 years later. So it’s natural that she is landed with mother roles.
Yoo JI: When I return to work, I saw many actresses younger than me being given ajumma roles. Then when I was given that role of a mother, I thought, “I should be dating him instead.” [Laughter...] In the past, I was told to participate in the Miss Korea pageant several times and I was also a fashion model but now the younger entrants are all 183 cm in height, making me look like Jeon Hyeon Joo sonsaengnim [presumably in reference to her height]…I’m sorry Jeon sonsaeng [Laughter...] I’m getting really good at doing such programs. Anyway, I received a call last night telling me, “Hey, New Actor. You are finally gaining popularity after a decade.” And I’ve always thought of myself as a new actor ever since I made my debut.
Kang HD: Now, on to Stage 6. This is a straightforward question. If you are given a chance to work on a special project with the condition that you give up 1N2D, what will your decision be, Lee Seung Gi-ssi?
MC Mong: It’s a 40 billion won project and you have to give up on 1N2D.
Kang HD: A project that is a sure-winner, however you have to give up variety programs in order to maintain the drama image. Make a choice. Will you give up 1N2D? 1,2,3.
Lee SG: I can’t give it up. [Claps and cheers..."Seung Gi, jjang!"]
Kim MS: This is what I think. Whatever you have already started to do, you have to continue doing it. You cannot back out of it over a promise that is not guaranteed. It’s unacceptable if you betray your loyalty and trust.
Kang HD: Especially not because of your popularity.
Kim MS: Exactly.
Lee SG: This is a sensitive question for me, however I was able to answer frankly because it’s something I’ve already thought about. In fact, I was in the same situation before ‘Brilliant Legacy’ came along. As kyosu-nim (Kim Mi Sook) put it, 1N2D has already become a form of loyalty and trust for me. It’s not simply a variety program. If it was just a variety program, then I will give it up for the sake of my future. But I’ve gone too far with 1N2D and I’ve changed along with it although I cannot say it changed me 100%. Many people had a hard time because of me. 9 out of 10 were worried for me when I took on a drama. And there were many who looked differently at variety programs and dramas. I’ve the ambition and the confidence to accomplish this. I’ve to thank 1N2D. This is where I gather my courage from. It’s possible there will be a day where I’ve to give up 1N2D but I don’t want to think about that now. What I know is that I don’t want to be known as an entertainer that has done a variety program. I want it to be known as a program that’s about friendship. A program that cannot be exchanged for with a hefty monetary package.
MC: The roles in 1N2D and Brilliant Legacy are not overly contrasting. What if you are given a drama role with a more serious character? What’s your choice?
Kim MS: Please. Stop putting him in a spot.
Kang HD: (to Lee SG) You have an outstanding image in 1N2D. How do you project this smart image?
Lee SG: I think it boils down to practice.
Han HJ: This is true. While he’s waiting, he will practise his lines up to 30 times. His tones differ too [she imitates Seung Gi's different tones when saying 'halmoni'].
Lee SG: A fan edited an episode of me saying ‘What? Halmoni!’ – all in different tones.
Han HJ: I don’t know how many times he had went through the script that he was able to memorise all the lines of his co-stars. He knew all my lines by heart and when he’s done with his, he will start mumbling my lines. The first time I really felt it was ridiculous and I went into NGs. I asked him “Seung Gi-ssi. Did you say my lines on purpose?” And he replied “When did I do that?” He really didn’t know what he did.
Lee SG: I didn’t know. Whenever she has to react after my lines, I will start doing this [mumbling]. I realized it after a couple of time. Hyo Joo-ssi told me about it, it was then that I knew I kept mumbling all the time. I’m full of apologies. Especially when we had to do an emotional scene. I was waiting for her lines and then I started doing this again. [Laughter. Comments: "You are very detailed..."]
Han HJ: There was a scene with a close-up on his hands. Then he called out“Hold on please. Lotion.”
Lee SG: I didn’t put it that way. I said, “Can I have some lotion please?”
MC: Wow. You’re polite.
Kim MS: I wonder if you will hear yourself being called ‘the star from the past’ 10 years later.
Kang HD: Now to Stage 7. To everyone. Do you think you are still able to maintain your popularity after ‘Brilliant Legacy”?
Moon CW. Yes. I think so and it will be better. It’s just the beginning…but then, I wouldn’t know about the ratings.
MC: So you are meaning to say you are not sure how the ratings will do but you’re sure about your popularity.
Moon CW: This is really a dream rating.
Lee SH: This is the first time in my 17 years of career that I’ve people calling out to the name of my drama character. I thought to myself: “Is this popularity?”When I go to the canteen for meals now, I’m given extra eggs. Or sometimes a double serving. So getting eggs is a recognition of my popularity. If I were to be in an anti role, then I’ll probably not be getting any eggs.
Lee SG: It wouldn’t be achievable if there isn’t hope. There wouldn’t be passion for it. Everyone yearns to be recognized but if this is how far one’s thoughts go, then it’s bound to be downhill from here. If there’s encouragement, there will be improvement. Even if there isn’t, you still have to continue with hope.
Kang HD: Wow. Your popularity will last. Why is that we have never thought such things at his age.
Yoo JI: Well, don’t you know who’s son he is in ‘Brilliant Legacy’?
[The program ends to a string of laughter and cheers from Yoo Ji In or rather Oh Young Ran's pride and joy.]
________________________THE END________________________
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