BRILIANT LEGACY at YSSM with host Kang Ho Dong. Its Fun. Part 3

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This must be Bae Soo Bin’s most embarrassing moment on TV. Find out why he ran. Or didn’t he? And the funny facts behind Lee Seung Gi and Han Hyo Joo’s kissing scenes. Again, please do not take this out for use in fansubs.
Bae SB: I really did look into the mirror…but then there was no one there.
Yoo JI: Hey…cut the act.
Kang HD: The truth is, you think you are good-looking?
Bae SB: Aren’t there such situations? When before doing a scene, you pep yourself up to give yourself some strength [Comment: Yes. Self-hypnosis]
MC: But the thing is you were talking about looks.
Bae SB: Geez…why am I feeling so hot?

MC: Others usually talk to themselves to concentrate but you were talking about being good-looking.
Yoo JI: But he is good-looking.
Lee SG: Oh gosh, what should I do? I can’t even help you out.
Yoo JI: You see, [Seung Gi and Hyo Joo] are so much younger than Soo Bin. Being older, it’s natural he felt some pressure.
Bae SB: Oh my…I’m dying twice now.
Yoo JI: Soo Bin, that’s not it. I’m merely pointing out a possibility.
Bae SB: During the earlier episodes, Jun Se has a good relationship with Eun Sung. Every scene done together has a dating feel to it. Then all of a sudden she and Seung Gi are looking great together. And you know, things just become…I really felt like I was living in Jun Se’s shadow. It’s weird but when I was on set, I really felt that I was being isolated.
Kim MS: Oh. That’s pitiful. I was thinking about how Soo Bin was feeling during those moments and I felt pity for him.
Bae SB: So it wasn’t about my looks, it’s more of encouraging Jun Se. The thought I had for Jun Se was, “OK. Let’s fight it out. I want to protect Eun Sung to the end.” That’s it.
MC: Did this happen on the day you punched Seung Gi?
Bae SB: Let me recall…wasn’t there a long corridor?
Lee SG: Yes. The corridor was endless.
MC: But there’s another complain against Bae SB-ssi. Let us give you a choice. The complain or do a re-enactment of the scene. [He chooses to re-enact.]
Bae SB: (looking angry) Who asked the question? [Laughter...]
MC: The next staff question for Lee SG. For the kissing scene with Han HJ, it was overheard him asking the director, “Should I do a real kiss or just a fake one?”Were you really thinking of doing a sloppy job?
Lee SG: I don’t even know how to answer this.
Kang HD: Lee SG-ssi. Did you have expectations knowing that there’s a kissing scene? You were the one asking about doing a real kiss or a fake one.
Lee SG: It’s not like that. Of course I know that I’ve to do a real kiss for a close-up shoot. The reason I asked was because I wanted to know, when filming a full shot that’s 20 feet away from the camera….
Kang HD: You mean to say you can just do a sloppy job if the camera is far away? Wow that’s so Lee SG.That’s exactly how Lee SG thinks.
MC: When you mentioned a ‘real kiss’ how real did you intended it to be?
Lee SG: Yes…..that too. * oughhhhhhhhhhh *
MC: What were your thoughts about the scene when you read the script?
Lee SG: It was an overpowering feeling. I couldn’t sleep. I practised repeatedly for the lines prior to that scene. I wanted to say the lines with charismatic flair. The pressure was too great and I couldn’t sleep at all. I was almost falling to pieces when I arrived at the site. I couldn’t tell anyone and I couldn’t rehearse. The nerve-wrecking thing about kissing scenes is that you cannot rehearse it. It’s really nerve-wrecking. I couldn’t approach Hyo Joo-ssi and ask ‘should we do a real kiss or a fake one during the full shot’. So I had to ask the director. Should I do a real kiss or just…or should I not do anything and just touch our lips together?
Kim MS: That will do. That’s why it’s so embarrassing.
Kang HD: (to Yoo JI and Kim MS) So how about you both? Do you do a real kiss?
Yoo JI: You see. What happened then was that both of them were really nervous and feeling awkward. When we were viewing the close-up, we noticed that their noses were squashed. We were pent-up about it because it should not be like this.
Kang HD: Seung Gi-ssi. We have the director’s testimony ready. Let’s take a look.
Director: It was an early shoot and everyone was listless. I couldn’t remember well but I think I wanted them to do a real kiss. Both of them were awkward. It’s supposed to be an aesthetic shot with him looking smart and she pretty but their noses got squashed. It’s an NG and I told them to do a retake. I don’t know if it’s true but I was thinking to myself: Is Lee SG that inexperienced? Lee SG was blushing. Seeing him blush, I wanted to play a prank on them. I didn’t shout ‘Cut’ and they went on for…was it a minute or two?
[Their BTS kissing scene was shown. A total of 10 retakes with the final take lasting 19:34]
Kang HD: The director didn’t know much about Lee SG. The truth is he’s a pro at blushing. Acting shy. He’s really good at that.
MC Mong: He was actually thinking, “Hyo Joo isn’t that good at it either.”
Yoo JI: Oh. He’s blushing now.
Kang HD: Hyo Joo-ssi. You seem to have lots to say about this scene too. Your nose was flattened. What’s your opinion?
Han HJ: In honesty, he really doesn’t have much experience with kissing.
MC: Did you have lots of kissing scenes in your previous projects?
Han HJ: Most of them.
Kim MS: (curious) Who were your co-stars? [Han HJ laughs] * wkwkwkwkwkw*

Han HJ: When I read the script, I told myself I was going to do a good scene here. I knew that it would garner a strong viewers’ response. I was filming with that thought but when I looked at the tape later – my nose was flattened. Actresses usually hope that their kissing scenes will turn out beautiful. In the end, he was fine but my nose was flattened. Luckily, there was a final kissing scene.
Lee SG: And she went all out to wrestle her revenge.
Han HJ: The ending kiss scene was interesting. Eun Sung surprised Hwan with a kiss. So when I read the script stating that ‘Eun Sung holds Hwan’s head and kisses him’, I knew this was the opportunity. I held his head and… *ehmmmmmm* 
Lee SG: She grabbed it like this and squashed it. Actually she could have just held it like this but she did this.
MC: Any more new insider information?
Kang HD: There’s this rumor about you touching Hyo Joo’s hair for the ending kiss scene. Was it pre-planned or just a personal habit of Lee SG?
Han HJ: I think he may have picked that up from somewhere. It will be fine if held me like this but he had to do this. I was frightened and he had to clutch my hair like this.
Kang HD: Where did you see this?
MC: It wasn’t in any of the movies.

Lee SG: I thought holding her this way looks great. I only knew how it looked but I didn’t know the correct way of holding her. It wasn’t simply holding her. There are two of us and she’s the lead actress. She has to look good too. I held her too fast and her hair got shoved high. No matter which way I had held her, her hair would be shoved too. So I decided to smooth it gently.
MC: Well, not everyone can do that.
Kang HD: Next. A staff question for Yoo JI-ssi.
Yoo JI: I’m scared.
MC Mong: Let me ask this. What will you do if you start missing the Wednesday nights soju sessions?
MC: Do you like to drink?
Yoo JI: Yes. I enjoy drinking.
MC: How much can you drink?
Yoo JI: Mi Sook told me to say two glasses. She says I’ve to be discreet but I’m really not like that.
MC: How many glasses?
Yoo JI: About 10.
Kang HD: Pokdanju?
Yoo JI: Yes. I love the ambience. I like experimenting how to swirl the glasses. My sunbaes say that I’ve just learn to drink so it’s a happy feeling. That day I was learning to do it again and they told me to stop doing it – what would others think of me? They told me to just use a pair of chopsticks to stir it but I replied that it wouldn’t taste as good. I’ve lived the entertainer’s lifestyle since I was 19. There was no time for play. I felt a lot of heartache when I look at Seung Gi and Hyo Joo. I hope they live a different lifestyle that I was living. I hope they get to enjoy what I’ve missed out. It’s a blessing to gain maturity slowly. Like what they say it’s not elegant of me to do it [the wine swirling thing]. Everyone tells me to not do what I like, I believe it’s the same for both of them. But I don’t like people interfering with what I do so I continue doing it…secretly.
MC: This is for Lee SH-ssi. This question is going to sound petty but you love to eat? And you have eaten most of the drama food-props. You love to eat during outdoor trips.
Lee SG: About that trip, I had indeed ate a lot of the food. You see, my role was always in the kitchen and I had to do something.
Yoo JI: We used to have a saying that a star will not be born through eating (meaning it’s a jinx to a celebrity career if they start eating food props)
Lee SG: If one starts eating food used for filming, bad luck will follow for three years.
Lee SH: Those are rumors made up by the production staff. But SBS food props are really good.
[Random picking of questions]
Kang HD: Seung Gi oppa, why is your nose so fat?
Lee SG: A fat nose…in comparison to other celebrities, my nose is indeed…well I’ve never thought that way about my nose.
Kang HD: ‘My mother wants to know where Lee SG is staying.’ I think her mother is waiting to bump into you.
Lee SG: My house? In front of Gangnam government office.
Yoo JI: No. It’s in front of the police station.
Kang HD: Men in the 40s age group have chosen their favorite actress – Jeon In Hwa and Kim Mi Sook. Mi Sook-ssi, who do you think has a stronger winning edge? Jeon In Hwa-ssi is watching this.
Kim MS: Oh gosh….Of course it’s me.
Kang HD: Yoo JI-ssi, what do you usually wear at home?
Yoo JI: Oh..I wish I can say ‘….nothing’.
Kang HD: You are mostly in the role of a rich person. What are some techniques to be more elegant?
Yoo Ji: It’s an inborn trait.
MC: Bae SB-ssi. Do you really possess the ‘warm-hearted syndrome’ (dajung-byeong)? [Everyone laughs...including Bae SB] Can that be considered an illness?
MC: (to Moon CW) Between your two male co-stars Lee SG and Lee Min Ho, who do you like best?
Moon CW: Lee SG. [Seung Gi bows his head with thanks)
MC: That means you dislike Lee Min Ho? (No.....)
Lee SG: Please don't twist it around.
Kang HD: (to Han HJ) This is from a 20 year old male Yoon Ho Seon: 'why do you tempt my heart?'
Han HJ: Yoon Heo Seon-ssi. I love you. (She kisses his question card)
MC: (to Lee SH) Have you even been mistaken for Lee Kwang Gi-ssi?
Lee SH: Nooooo. Just that I sang a song at a year-end event and after that, they said, "Thank you, Lee Kwang Gi-ssi."
[NG clips thereafter...]

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