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BL Special Kissing Scene
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MC: The next staff question for Lee SG. For the kissing scene with Han HJ, it was overheard him asking the director, “Should I do a real kiss or just a fake one?”Were you really thinking of doing a sloppy job?
Lee SG: I don’t even know how to answer this.
Kang HD: Lee SG-ssi. Did you have expectations knowing that there’s a kissing scene? You were the one asking about doing a real kiss or a fake one.
Lee SG: It’s not like that. Of course I know that I’ve to do a real kiss for a close-up shoot. The reason I asked was because I wanted to know, when filming a full shot that’s 20 feet away from the camera….
Kang HD: You mean to say you can just do a sloppy job if the camera is far away? Wow that’s so Lee SG.That’s exactly how Lee SG thinks.
MC: When you mentioned a ‘real kiss’ how real did you intended it to be?
Lee SG: I didn’t mean that I wouldn’t do a good job. But you have to consider the actress’s feelings. I’ve to care for Hyo Joo-ssi feelings. It’s not right to ignore everything to just hug and kiss her. I can’t do that. I’ve to respect the actress, she’s my co-star. We’re only acting.
MC: But acting has to be real too.
Lee SG: Yes…..that too. * oughhhhhhhhhhh *
MC: What were your thoughts about the scene when you read the script?
Lee SG: It was an overpowering feeling. I couldn’t sleep. I practised repeatedly for the lines prior to that scene. I wanted to say the lines with charismatic flair. The pressure was too great and I couldn’t sleep at all. I was almost falling to pieces when I arrived at the site. I couldn’t tell anyone and I couldn’t rehearse. The nerve-wrecking thing about kissing scenes is that you cannot rehearse it. It’s really nerve-wrecking. I couldn’t approach Hyo Joo-ssi and ask ‘should we do a real kiss or a fake one during the full shot’. So I had to ask the director. Should I do a real kiss or just…or should I not do anything and just touch our lips together?
Kim MS: That will do. That’s why it’s so embarrassing.
Kang HD: (to Yoo JI and Kim MS) So how about you both? Do you do a real kiss?
Yoo JI: You see. What happened then was that both of them were really nervous and feeling awkward. When we were viewing the close-up, we noticed that their noses were squashed. We were pent-up about it because it should not be like this.
Kang HD: Seung Gi-ssi. We have the director’s testimony ready. Let’s take a look.
Director: It was an early shoot and everyone was listless. I couldn’t remember well but I think I wanted them to do a real kiss. Both of them were awkward. It’s supposed to be an aesthetic shot with him looking smart and she pretty but their noses got squashed. It’s an NG and I told them to do a retake. I don’t know if it’s true but I was thinking to myself: Is Lee SG that inexperienced? Lee SG was blushing. Seeing him blush, I wanted to play a prank on them. I didn’t shout ‘Cut’ and they went on for…was it a minute or two?
[Their BTS kissing scene was shown. A total of 10 retakes with the final take lasting 19:34]
Kang HD: The director didn’t know much about Lee SG. The truth is he’s a pro at blushing. Acting shy. He’s really good at that.
MC Mong: He was actually thinking, “Hyo Joo isn’t that good at it either.”
Yoo JI: Oh. He’s blushing now.
Kang HD: Hyo Joo-ssi. You seem to have lots to say about this scene too. Your nose was flattened. What’s your opinion?
Han HJ: In honesty, he really doesn’t have much experience with kissing.
MC: Did you have lots of kissing scenes in your previous projects?
Han HJ: Most of them.
Kim MS: (curious) Who were your co-stars? [Han HJ laughs] * wkwkwkwkwkw
Han HJ: When I read the script, I told myself I was going to do a good scene here. I knew that it would garner a strong viewers’ response. I was filming with that thought but when I looked at the tape later – my nose was flattened. Actresses usually hope that their kissing scenes will turn out beautiful. In the end, he was fine but my nose was flattened. Luckily, there was a final kissing scene.
Lee SG: And she went all out to wrestle her revenge.
Han HJ: The ending kiss scene was interesting. Eun Sung surprised Hwan with a kiss. So when I read the script stating that ‘Eun Sung holds Hwan’s head and kisses him’, I knew this was the opportunity. I held his head and… *ehmmmmmm*
Lee SG: She grabbed it like this and squashed it. Actually she could have just held it like this but she did this.
MC: Any more new insider information?
Kang HD: There’s this rumor about you touching Hyo Joo’s hair for the ending kiss scene. Was it pre-planned or just a personal habit of Lee SG?
Han HJ: I think he may have picked that up from somewhere. It will be fine if held me like this but he had to do this. I was frightened and he had to clutch my hair like this.
Kang HD: Where did you see this?
MC: It wasn’t in any of the movies.
Lee SG: I thought holding her this way looks great. I only knew how it looked but I didn’t know the correct way of holding her. It wasn’t simply holding her. There are two of us and she’s the lead actress. She has to look good too. I held her too fast and her hair got shoved high. No matter which way I had held her, her hair would be shoved too. So I decided to smooth it gently.
MC: Well, not everyone can do that.


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