Hii bloggie ^´^ whats world happend dear? Do you feel Miss SeungJoo..sweet couple at Briliant Legacy? kalo aku slalu kangen sama mereka. Coz kangenx terlalu sering maka ku pampang pikku mereka di screensaver mobile phoneku. Dan foto mereka ga pernah ku ganti-ganti, mungkin uda mencapai setahun aku ga pernah ubah screensaver seungJoonya^^saking cintanya dengan sweet couple ini maka akhirnya ada juga hot news baru^^ haha..heboh!! Lee Seung Gie interview. cekidot.
english translation : lsgairenint and cheongyp
chinese trans : 卤宝&;粉团小小’s 微博

1. Your ideal type of woman?

SG: Because it is not easy to have my own personal time, it’s enough if the woman understands my position and is also considerate.Personality wise ;Someone who is upbeat and lively, someone who loves to laugh. Because I like undisguised smile,it would be good if the girl can laugh from her heart because of my gimmicks.

2. Is your view of love the same as the character in your previous drama?

SG: It’s like Dae Woong in My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, it is good that the other party is considerate just towards me, but I don’t have this experience in reality (laugh). However, if you ask about which one I preferred, I am the type who prefers to woo the other party compared to the other party wooing me.

3.Your memories of Valentine’s Day and White Day? (white day :http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Day )

SG : So far, Ive never received any ( chocolates), basically do not have any good memories (laugh), During my schooling days,although my male friends believed/are convinced tht it is more manly to be in a group (of male friends), but occasionally I will get closer to the girls.Never received any chocolates etc from my mum or sister. Of course, Ive never done any return gift for White Day before.

4. Travel essentials are ..?

SG : In order to be able to exercise wherever I am, I will bring sportswear when travelling. Also, I will bring along my digital camera.As a record to shoot the scenery/landscape and also the people around me. Of course ,I will request the others to take a photo of myself.

5. Korea’s tourist attractions that you will recommend? Is it Seoul?

SG: I will recommend Namsan, but if want to understand more about Korea, must go to Jongno (Bell Street), please. Jongno is known as Seoul’s origin of culture. I went there before because of 1night 2days shooting, surprisingly I discover lots of new things there.
chinese trans :卤宝&粉团小小’s 微博
english translation @simeunice

6.What is acting to him?

SG: I think the greatest change after becoming an actor is I’d become more busy above anything else. I’m sorry, I’m just joking! Haha! I think the greatest change is my understanding of relationship. Because I’d acted with different people therefore I was able to unveil the different side of me and I am able to feel the charm in it. Putting my singing and variety show activities aside, I think acting is an area where I can actually set me free and it has become the source of my energy.

7. What is the requirement to become the Nation Younger Brother?

SG: I feel very honor to be ask of this. Although I do feel pressurize to be called the Nation younger brother, my greatest goal right now is to continue to give my best in my singing, acting and hosting rather than trying to accomplish something big. I hope to grow and mature in these 3 areas.

8. How do you view MGIAG?

SG: Because the drama was filmed at a very tight and fast schedule, it has in a way become a challenge against my limitation. High volume of dialogues, action packed and a great demand on your personal stamina. I already have this thought that I’d already make it ever though I’ve not started it yet since it was against my limitation (ha!). And because MGIAG is 3 in 1 (comedy, action and melodrama) it was woth giving a try.

9. What is Cha Daewoong’s charm?

SG: From an unruly young man to becoming a man who is willing to sacrifice his life to protect Gumiho. Do look out for Cha Daewoong.

10. What does variety mean to you?

SG: It is different from being a singer and I enjoy doing it. Because 1night 2days focus on travelling together with my hyungs, I’m doing it with a grateful heart.(ha!) It’s a very attractive show since you get to eat our country’s delicacies. The recent food that I’d tried is scallop and mushroom wrapped with beef. This is first time I’ve tried this and it was through this show.
As for Strong Heart, it will have many guests in every episode. You actually get to hear a lot of heart warming stories. I enjoy doing this show too. It is also through this show that I’ve learnt a lot from Kang Hodong.

11. How do you view Brilliant Legacy?

SG: We had a very great working relationship with all the production crews. You can actually feel it in the whole filming atmosphere. We still meet regularly. Because it reached a viewership of 47.1% it has in a way become a burden to my future project but yet BL has become a project that is very important to me.

12. What is music to you?

SG: All my activities will revolve with my music. I think my fans will view me more seriously as a singer. Therefore whether I’m releasing a new album or holding a concert, I still feel anxious. That’s why till today, I still feel that I have not done enough in this area. In order not to forget that I started out as a singer I plan to hold a concert every year. I’ll be very happy if I’m able to hold a concert in Japan and I’ll try hard from now on.

13. Celebrities that you are close too? (SPECIAL !!!! for you SeunJoo Shipper.Lol)

Because I’ve been with 1n2d members for the longest period of time, therefore I am closest to them. As for actor, I am closest to Han Hyo Joo of Brilliant Legacy. She is a gentle and outgoing person and also a very outstanding actress. It’s with regret that we are unable to keep in touch regularly as both of us are very busy.

14. Type of food you like and good at preparing it?

SG: I love fried spicy rice cake. I’m not good at cooking rice. The only dish I’m good at is Pork rib with sauce made from a receipe past down from our ancestors. I think it is the sauce that made the pork rib taste good.

15. What would you said about your character?

SG: After every work that I’ve done, I’ll appraise my performance. Even though I know that I’ve already done my best but after some appraising, I’ll still find that there are still many areas that I need to improve. Appraising my works has already become part and parcel of my life.

16. There are already plan to debut in Japan, so how is your Japanese language now?

SG: There is still no concrete plan yet. I learn Japanese language because I am interested in Japanese drama. The first drama that I watched was Takuya’s Kimura “Pride”. Fukuyama Mahasaru’s “Galileo” is very interesting too.

17. What is your ideal plan for a date?

SG: Driving all the way to Jeju Island. It is the norm to fly over to Jeju Island. So I plan to drive all the way to Jeju Island. Drive all the way to the southern tip of South Korea, and take the ferry with the car to Jeju. You only need about 1hr and 50 min. If the time permits, the surrounding areas are very nice too. If we were to film 1n2d in Japan , I would like to go to Osaka and Kobe. It will be great if Japan can have a variety show like 1night 2 days. But maybe you may have to sleep on the roadside I don’t think any celebrity will want to try it. (haha!)

English translation of Tv pia interview
English translation《韓国TVドラマ》Vol 41 Japan Magazine interview


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