I Want To Live

Josh Gracin

back to nature--so fresh songs :)

Sometimes I feel like I need
To shake myself
To wake myself
I feel like I'm just sleepwalkin'
Through my life
It's like I'm swimming in
An ocean of emotion
But still somehow slowly
Going numb inside
I don't like who I'm becomin'
I know I've gotta do somethin'
Before my life passes right by

I want to cry like the rain
Cry like the rain
Shine like sun on a beautiful mornin'
Sing to the heavens like the church bells ringin'
Fight with the devil and go down swingin'
Fly like a bird, roll like a stone
Love like I ain't afraid to be alone
Take everything that this world has to give
I want to live

Sometimes I wonder
Why I work so hard to guard my heart
Till I hardly feel anything at all
I've spent my whole life building up this ivory tower
And now that I'm in it, I keep wishing it would fall
So I could feel the ground beneath me
Really taste the air I'm breathin'
And know that I'm alive

[Repeat Chorus]

Something deep inside
Keeps saying
Life is like a vapor
Its gone in just a twinklin' of an eye

[Repeat Chorus]

I want to take every
Breath I can get
I want to live
Yeah, yeah

Thanks to bhaynes for these lyrics.
Thanks to LilPixxie66, wowza1415, mliss69, CMALEXES for correcting these lyrics.


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