Where The Love Is ? So Foolish I am


Where the love is ?? I am Looking for... don´t makes me afraid at the end, say it immediately and honestly...so don't Hide for me :) :)

I don´t know, how much I saving my selfishness on my self. I didn´t think how could it started and still keep going on :( it was really disturb me :‘(

I realized that my loves never fall with me cause it. I realized that he was like me ever truly. I realized that I am one he has ever there. And i know it´s kinda foolish me, i just told of my bestfriends some, i couldn´t told all perfectly. So many reasons i have no need to say. I know it´s kinda shameless. I actually not a brave person, right..but how long its happened to me ... please get out here !!!

So, i just wanna share my foolish loves here..have you ever thought ..only im not brave person. What a fool I am X(

I remember that he chosed me to be one of coach for competition at another school, to be honest i was really Glad and though.. I am increasingly suspicious, he always chosed me in activities to be conducted. In fact, i wonder think my friends much better than me to be selected.. so, i really thankful for it. I remember when he said, hey purple don´t smile..don´t always smile..i see that he think i was one who always smiling person. So ..he told to me ..

I ever heared rumour about me and him. My friends,named Marwah says.. hey.. you have a rumour with him..i dont know where it comes from.

Omg,how could i think.. i was frozen and surprised and i only spitted out these words, i can´t say anything. I only to be silent and sit down there.. . I only just heard it blank :X just then one of my friends to stair and smiles to me.. omg :x

Indeed, he has been good to me, even more than all my friends, always watching me ... and always said softly to me ...since then i realized if i like him ... might i think it was late so I just noticed and want him enough at the time. But it doesn´t happen as i want.

Ohh, its so miserable at the moment :( i want him, and i missed him – six years ago written on my diaries .

----to be continued ----


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