Rabu, 06 Juli 2011

Lee Seung Gie, Han Hyo Joo, Seung gi Hyo Joo in Love ^_^

Lee seung gie, Han Hyo Joo.. Seung gi Hyo Joo, Seung Joo Forever in LOVE..haha, cinta..cinta..cinta...gw cinta sama pasangan ini... Awwww...Sweet..sweet..sweet !!! karna Sweet..jadi makin Rindu..Rindu..rindu sm mrekaa.....INSIDE ME special for Uri Oppa Lee seung Gie and Uri Onnie Han Hyo Joo .....

Inside me, I see A glow,
You know...It's you....
Among few, I need,
You read, My heart...
Tore apart,I gave,You saved,
Inside you,I knew,
At your side,I can't hide,
My tears,My fears,and all the things,
I can't bear...
Love you......Your style,From miles,You bring smiles, On my face...
I feel safe,
From me, &all the human race,
Love's blind, But helped me find, With you i see,
A better me....


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  1. sama...aku sangat cinta mreka berdua..pgen mreka jd pasangan d real live...amin


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